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Pressure Turbine Model
For example: HL129-WJ-42
First part, HL means mixed flow, ZD means axial flow and fixed propeller, ZZ means axial flow and rotatable propeller, GD means through flow and fixed propeller, GZ means through flow and rotatable propeller, XL means oblique flow type.
Second part, 129 means specific speed
Third part, W means horizontal type (L means vertical type), J means metal spiral case (H means concrete spiral case)
Fourth part, 42 means runner diameter (cm)

Impulse Water Turbine Numbering
For example: 2CJ20-W-120/2×10
First part: 2 means runner number on one shaft
Second part: CJ means Pelton type, XJ means Turgo type, SJ means cross flow type
Third part: 20 means specific speed
Fourth part: W means horizontal type (L means vertical type)
Fifth part: 120 means runner diameter (cm)
Sixth part: 2 means nozzle number on each runner 
Seventh part: 10 means designed jet-flow diameter (cm)